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Contact lenses and glasses improve your vision by adjusting the way the eyes bend and focus light. Ideally, light rays are refracted (bent) as they pass through the cornea so that they focus on the retina in the back of the eye. In a healthy eye, this means that objects can be seen clearly. However, many people’s corneas have an irregular curvature which causes light rays to focus in front or behind the retina. Resulting in objects then appearing blurry at certain distances or at all distances.

Glasses and contact lenses correct these refractive errors. Prescriptions are measured for each eye so patients can enjoy optimal vision clarity, usually 20/20. Eyewear may be used for certain activities, such as reading for farsighted (hyperopic) patients and driving or watching television for nearsighted (myopic) patients, or may be worn at all times.

Who is a good candidate for contact lenses?

From teens to the elderly.  There are many advantages of contact lenses over glasses for active people.  Unlike glasses, contact lenses will not steam up or slide down your nose when you sweat.  Contact lenses provide better peripheral vision because there are no eyeglass frames to limit the field of vision.  Contact lenses give patients the freedom to wear any type of sunglasses, including lightweight wrap-around sport sunglasses that are ideal for hiking, running, and cylcing.  Protective sport glasses can easily be worn over contact lenses for sports, like racquetball.

Who is a good candidate for glasses?

Anyone and everyone is a candidate for glasses.  Anywhere from a cosmetic look to prescription sunglasses.

Should I wear contact lenses while exercising or playing sports?

Definitely!  Contacts are a better solution than glasses if you enjoy playing sports or excercising.

Are contact lenses hard to take care of?

Caring for your contacts takes a commitment.  Cleaning them daily is a priority to avoid eye infections and other possible health conditions. However, the care is fairly easy.

How much do contact lenses cost?

Contact lense pricing is based on the persons individual needs. Therefore, contact lenses pricing will vary. Our opticians will help you find the perfect contact lenses for you and your budget.

How much do glasses cost?

Eyewear is also based on the persons individual needs so pricing will vary. See our opticians for the perfect set of glasses for you.
We are happy to discuss the process of selecting glasses frames, upkeep, etc. Once you have your eyeglass prescription from your doctor, come visit us in our optical shop.  You will find our experienced staff are ready to make your visit fun and easy.  We have the knowledge to help select the perfect frame for your needs and also compliment your features.  When you are ready to pick up your new glasses, our opticians will explain how to care for them.

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Contact wearers are also eligible for this discount with a one year supply of contacts purchased.

Offer is valid within 90 days of any prior purchase of glasses/contacts/sunglasses

*This includes immediate family members (children or spouse) who are existing patients as well.

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