Multifocal Intraocular Lenses (IOLs)

Multifocal IOLs can offer patients freedom from glasses after cataract surgery by improving vision at all distances-any time of day or night. The advanced multi-focal lens can significantly improve vision after cataract surgery and corrects presbyopia. These lenses allow patients to quickly change their focusing to accommodate their vision needs.

In a recent clinical study, over 94% of patients said they would choose the multi-focal lens again.  Multifocal lens offers patients with age-related vision loss an excellent chance to regain younger vision and become free of glasses.

If you enjoy activities such as reading, boating, quilting, playing golf, sightseeing, hunting, fishing, or surfing the internet, the multifocal lens is the lens for your active lifestyle.

*Some patients may experience a glow around lights with nighttime driving