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Man putting in Contact Lenses
Are you interested in switching from glasses to contacts? The Eye Associates in Boise offer a comprehensive array of contact lenses to suit each patients’ needs. A contact lens is a thin, convex disc that floats on the surface of the eye, providing vision correction. With advances in optical technology, most people can use contact lenses, regardless of the type or extent of their vision problems. This includes patients with astigmatism, and those who need bifocal or multifocal lenses.

Who is a good candidate for contact lenses?

From teens to the elderly.  There are many advantages of contact lenses over glasses for active people.  Unlike glasses, contact lenses will not steam up or slide down your nose when you sweat.  Contact lenses provide better peripheral vision because there are no eyeglass frames to limit the field of vision.  Contact lenses give patients the freedom to wear any type of sunglasses, including lightweight wrap-around sport sunglasses that are ideal for hiking, running, and cylcing.  Protective sport glasses can easily be worn over contact lenses for sports, like racquetball.

Should I wear contact lenses while exercising or playing sports?

Definitely!  Contacts are a better solution than glasses if you enjoy playing sports or excercising.

Are contact lenses hard to take care of?

Caring for your contacts takes a commitment.  Cleaning them daily is a priority to avoid eye infections and other possible health conditions. However, the care is fairly easy.

How much do contact lenses cost?

Contact lense pricing is based on the persons individual needs. Therefore, contact lenses pricing will vary. Our opticians will help you find the perfect contact lenses for you and your budget.

How to Put In and Take Out Your Contact Lenses

While it is common for people to feel nervous about putting in contact lenses for the first time, it is actually easier than you might think. While they can feel unusual at first, after a few days your eyes will get used to the feeling of wearing lenses. It is important not to force it if you are haveing difficultues at first. Give yourself plenty of time to get comfortable. The Eye Associates are happy to coach you through the process and work with you as long as you need to until the process becomes second nature.

How To Put In Contact Lenses

Learn How To Properly Take Out Lenses