Keratoconus Treatments

Corneal Cross-Linking (CXL)

Corneal Cross-Linking is a gentle, safe and effective treatment for Keratoconus and post-LASIK ectasia. These are progressive thinning disorders of the cornea – the clear outer surface of the eye – which can lead to vision loss and the need for corneal transplantation. We are excited to offer the first and only FDA-approved Cross-Linking treatment for keratoconus.


How does CXL work?

This minimally-invasive, out-patient procedure combines Photrexa®, specially formulated Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) eye drops, with UVA light from the KXL® system to create new collagen cross-links that lead to the stiffening of the cornea, preventing your vision from worsening.

The epithelium, or outermost layer of the cornea, is temporarily removed to allow absorption of the medicated eye drops. The cornea is then treated with UVA light using the KXL system. The combination of Riboflavin and UV light promote strengthening of the corneal fibers, shoring up weak spots that result from keratoconus. This epi-off corneal cross-linking procedure with Photrexa and KXL technology has been rigorously tested in clinical trials and is FDA-approved, clinically proven, safe and effective.


Intacs for Keratoconus

Intacs are a minimally invasive corneal insert, used along with corneal crosslinking, to treat keratoconusFDA-approved in 1999, Intacs are tiny, crescent-shaped pieces of a clear plastic polymer that are inserted into the cornea to reshape and stabilize the front surface of the eye.  They offer an alternative to cornea transplants for some keratoconus sufferers.


Is Keratoconus Treatment Right For You?

Ideal candidates for Corneal Crosslinking and/or Intacs are those identified early in their diagnosis with keratoconus. We are able to treat children as young as 15 years old and adults up to age 50. Children with a family history of keratoconus should be screened as early as possible.

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