Fees & Payment Options

Surgical Fees at The Eye Associates

Bladeless LASIK or PRK:

$1,500/eye for Bladeless Laser Vision Correction


Cataract Removal with Presbyopic Lens Implants:

$3,250/eye, plus copay and deductible

Cataract Removal with Astigmatism Lens Implants:

$1,750/eye, plus copay and deductible

*If you’ve had prior LASIK, ASA or RK, additional fees may apply


LASIK & PRK Laser Vision Correction

The Eye Associates’ LASIK fees are all-inclusive covering your:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Comprehensive Measurements Exam
  • LASIK or PRK procedure
  • Post-procedure care

We accept Cash, Check, or Credit Card for your LASIK eye surgery procedure. We also offer an extended pay option, such as Care Credit; please discuss this option with our counselor during your consultation.


Cataract Removal & Lens Replacement

We expect that your health care service plan will pay for cataract surgery, less any deductible or co-pay requirements. We anticipate medical insurance will not pay for the additional cost of astigmatism correction, a Toric, Multifocal or Accommodating IOL, or the extended care for your surgery. Medicare and most private insurance do not cover pre-existing astigmatism correction or presbyopia treatment procedures.


Affordable Financing Options

Our practice wants to make it affordable for you to get the vision correction you desire. Financing through CareCredit or GreenSky can help make vision correction even more affordable.*

  • Easy to apply
  • Fast pre-approval, usually within 30 minutes.Care Credit

Our vision correction counselors will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our fees or financing. Call 208.342.5151 or click on the Greensky or CareCredit buttons to learn more.


* Subject to credit approval. Ask us for details.


Pre-Tax Dollars Make Vision Correction More Affordable

Payment CalculatorIf you plan ahead by signing up for your company’s flexible benefit plan (sometimes called a “FLEX” or “cafeteria” plan), you can use the exceptional buying power of pre-tax dollars to pay for LASIK, KAMRA or another vision correction procedure, like PIOL used to correct nearsightedness in those who are not LASIK candidates. Some of our patients save 30% or more!

It’s NOT too good to be true, but there is a catch…you have to sign up before the end of the year. Ask your company’s human resources department for details. Then call us at 208.342.5151 to schedule a free LASIK or KAMRA consultation and find out if LASIK, KAMRA, or a PIOL procedure is right for you. Planning ahead can get you a great deal at The Eye Associates so you can see a great deal better next year!

If you already participate in your employer’s plan, have you made plans to use all the funds you allocated in this year’s flexible (FLEX) spending account? There’s still time to pay for LASIK, KAMRA, or other vision correction procedures with those pre-tax dollars. And remember…it’s not too early to plan for next year!

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