PanOptix Trifocal Lens for Cataracts

The AcrySof PanOptix® IOL is the first and only trifocal lens approved by the FDA in September 2019 after rigorous clinical trial. This implant is built upon Alcon’s Acrysof lens technology which has been implanted in over 120 million eyes globally. The PanOptix lens implant has been available internationally for several years with outstanding results.

Able to correct presbyopia and astigmatism, PanOptix implants provide a remarkable degree of independence from glasses. Over 90% of people report never or rarely needing eyeglasses after cataract surgery with this lens.1  In addition to delivering brighter, more vivid colors, PanOptix implants are designed to adapt naturally to a continuous range of near and intermediate vision, without compromising distance vision. Unlike other implants, the PanOptix implant provides:

  • Ultraviolet and blue light filtering which protects eyes from sunlight and damaging computer screens.
  • Better quality close and middle vision.
  • Easier reading without reading glasses due to sharper middle and close vision compared to other lens implants.

After years of experience implanting multifocal lenes, Dr. Kent and Dr. Evans find the PanOptix lens delivers high quality full-range vision with minimal side effects. Multifocal implant technologies are continuously improving, and we insist on using only those with demonstrable vision improvement over the broadest range of natural use.

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