Vivity Lens for Cataracts

The AcrySof® IQ Vivity™ IOL, the first and only non-diffractive extended depth of focus (EDOF) IOL, received FDA approval in February 2020. The Vivity lens delivers clarity and crispness with excellent vision for distance and intermediate tasks, and improved near vision. The Vivity lens uses proprietary technology which works by bending, rather than splitting, light. This provides an uninterrupted range of vision in both dim and bright lighting situations. This lens implant provides:

  • Better quality mid-range and distance vision.
  • Sharper night vision with reduced halos, starbursts or glare.
  • Ultraviolet and blue light filtering which protects eyes from sunlight and computer screens.

Multifocal implant technologies are continuously improving, and we insist on using only those that demonstrate significant vision improvement over the broadest range of natural use. With years of surgical experience implanting multifocal lenses, Dr. Kent and Dr. Evans find the Vivity lens delivers high quality full-range vision with minimal side effects.

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