Pediatric Eye Care

Pediatric Eye Care

As a parent, securing the health and safety of your child is probably one of your highest priorities.

With most health problems, early detection is the key to successful prevention or treatment of serious vision problems in your child. If your child is struggling to read or complete schoolwork, you can feel confident that our eye doctors will provide your family with thoughtful, professional care and effective, affordable solutions for all of your child’s vision care needs.

The Eye Associates proudly offers a large variety of name-brand eyeglasses just for kids. Feel free to stop by and browse our wide selection of metal and plastic frames in fun, bright colors your child will love!



Children’s frames with polycarbonate lenses: $275

*See optician for any upgrades, as there will be an additional charge


Why Should Children Have Regular Eye Exams

Parents need to know timelines of all kinds of stuff for their kids. One that isn’t so sure is when to have a child’s eyes examined for the first time. These exams are extremely important because vision issues will hamper your child at school if they aren’t addressed. Plus, if the problems are more serious, they can cause permanent vision damage. It’s estimated that 5-10 percent of preschoolers and one quarter of school-aged children have vision problems. The American Optometric Association recommends that infants should have their first comprehensive eye exam at 6 months of age. Beyond that, the next eye exam should be at age 3, and then again just before the child enters kindergarten or first grade, around age 5 or 6.


Why Are These Eye Exams Important?

Beyond the obvious need to catch serious eye problems before they lead to vision damage, children use a variety of visual skills when they are learning. If their vision is impaired, they can fall behind in school. These are the visual skills children need when learning:

  • The Eye Associates Boise Idaho Eye ExamDistance Vision
  • Near Vision
  • Binocular Eye Skills
  • Eye Movement Skills
  • Focusing Skills
  • Peripheral Awareness
  • Eye/Hand Coordination


Is It Time To Have Your Child’s Eyes Checked?

Don’t let your child fall behind in school. Call the team at The Eye Associates in our Meridian office, 208-314-0974, or our Caldwell office, 208-459-0717, to make your child’s eye exam appointment. Or you can fill out our form in the sidebar to schedule your appointment

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