Is Technology Tempting You?

Eye Exam Boise, IDTechnology has made life easier in some ways. It has even improved the healthcare industry, altering the way that physicians conduct a wide variety of treatments. It’s somewhat hard to imagine just how much can be accomplished online, without ever leaving the house. Today, people are earning degrees online, ordering food, and even finding their mate. Another activity that is being conducted online is the general eye exam.

Could an online eye exam provide you with the details you need to know about your eyes? Let’s see!

The purpose of the online eye exam is to allow a person to assess his or her vision without having to schedule a visit to the eye doctor. Ok, that may be convenient. The testing process typically involves the “patient” observing a series of characters, lines, and shapes on the computer screen. This does not seem far off from the in-person eye exam. Finally, some online services even include interpretation of results by an optometrist and a prescription for corrective eyewear. What more could a person want? Quite a bit more, it turns out.

There is Value in Face to Face Care

While there is a lot to be said for convenience, and for technology, eye exams are not quite ready to go digital, at least outside of the medical office. Reasons to forego the online eye exam for a visit with your eye doctor include:

  • In-person eye exams focus on the big picture. The current state of your vision is only one aspect of eye testing. In addition to observing refractive errors that may cause nearsightedness, farsightedness, or other acuity problems, your eye doctor will also evaluate the structure of the eyes, including the retina. This in-depth exam process helps us determine if you have signs of an eye condition such as glaucoma, cataracts, or macular degeneration. Because early treatment is pivotal to long-term eye health, an extended exam is ideal.
  • Eyeglass prescriptions are more accurate with an in-person exam. This is because there is an interaction between practitioner and patient. During a professional eye exam, there is time for second-guessing and asking crucial questions that enhance the outcome of vision assessment.
  • Insurance coverage is usually available for eye exams in the optometry or ophthalmology office, whereas online exams may require up-front investment.

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