Retinal Exams For Eye Health

Optomap Ultra-widefield Photography Boise IDThe retina is the part of your eye that takes in light and translates it into electrical impulses that are interpreted by the optical nerve and brain. Without this part of your eye, you would be unable to see the world around you; therefore, having a healthy retina is crucial. Evaluating the retina is challenging due to its location in the back portion of the eyeball, and the Optomap® imaging system is the perfect solution.

What is Optomap®?

Optomap® is a system that uses ultra-wide-angle photography to produce images of your retina. Before the system was developed, eyecare specialists had to diagnose retinal conditions based on imaging that only covered about one-fifth of the retinal surface. With Optomap®, we are able to view a larger portion of the retina, including the outer edges where the majority of conditions first develop.

What Conditions Can Be Diagnosed with Optomap®?

Optomap® is used to detect the early signs of cancer, strokes, cardiovascular disease and many other conditions that affect the retina and your vision. If we find anomalies during the examination, we recommend treatments that minimize the damage to your retina and eyesight.

Do I Need a Retinal Exam?

Retinal exams should be a part of the annual vision appointment, including exams for children and teenagers. We may recommend Optomap® imaging more often if we find signs of retinal disease.

How Long Does the Optomap® Imaging Take?

The procedure for Optomap® imaging takes about as much time as having an x-ray. The system works very quickly to produce high quality photographs of your retina. Your eyecare specialist reviews the images with you so that you understand the changes that have occurred in your retina.

How is Retinal Disease Treated?

Treatment for retinal disease is based upon the specific condition that is affecting your retina. We may refer you to a specialist if we detect cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other medical concerns that require a comprehensive approach. Eye treatments for retinal disease aim to stop or possibly reverse the damage to your retina and protect your vision.

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