Eye Safety This Summer

Eye Care Boise, ID We here at The Eye Associates know how you feel: summer is finally here and we can play outside! But before you head down the river, or pack up for a long camping trip in the mountains, take a moment to think about bringing along some eye protection.

After all, did you know that the American Academy of Ophthalmology links extended UV radiation and exposure to elements like wind and dust to eye issues like pinguecula and pterygium? Pinguecula (a yellow spot on your eye formed from calcium, protein, or fat) and Pterygium (a growth of fleshy tissue) may start out benign, but can impact vision and signal damage to the eye that we want to avoid.

Keep reading for the best ways to keep your eyes safe this summer!

Understand the Risk of UV Radiation

On any given day, your exposure to UV radiation may vary wildly. Depending on numerous factors like elevation, time of day, and proximity to water, you may be putting unnecessary strain on your eyes. UV rays are stronger the higher you go up into the mountains, during the hottest part of the day, and the closer you are to rivers, lakes, and even snow. Don’t underestimate the power of UV radiation, as it can still affect you on a cloudy day.

Invest in Quality Eye Protection

Know the difference between free sunglasses from the fair, and quality sunglasses that will protect your eyes. One great way of knowing the difference is a little sticker that says: “100% UV Protection.” When it comes to quality eye-protection, we always assume there’s some risk of UV radiation and pack accordingly. We keep a pair of sunglasses in our cars, in our boats, and even in our gear bags for when we’re going outdoors.

Keeping your eyes protected from damaging UV rays is important all year round, but many of us spend more time outside in the summer than other parts of the year. If you’re interested in a consultation with The Eye Associates, give us a call at 208-342-5151 for our Meridian location, or 208-459-0717 for our Caldwell location.

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