What Makes Your Eye Twitch?

Eye TwitchIt isn’t uncommon to experience eye twitches once in a while. Your eye can begin to spasm for no reason and then go away just as quickly. This twitching usually involves the lower eyelid, although sometimes your upper eyelid can twitch. Regardless, the condition isn’t a sign of a medical problem, but it does beg the question: what’s making my eye twitch?

  • When you don’t get enough sleep, it can cause eye twitches. If you experience these twitches often and you know you’re not sleeping well, make it a point to catch up on your Z’s.
  • Eye twitches can be triggered when you’re under a great amount of stress. While everyone experiences a certain amount of stress on a daily basis, if it’s greater than usual, your body may react with eye twitches. Make it a point to find methods for reducing stress, either with a relaxing CD or breathing exercises, for example.
  • Eye strain. Working at a computer all day can cause your eye to twitch. To reduce this, take a break from your screen periodically throughout the day to rest your eyes. Your eyes can also become strained if you have even minor problems with your vision, such as the need for glasses, triggering eye twitches. Visit your doctor to for a comprehensive eye exam to determine if you need glasses or a tweak in your existing prescription.
  • Beverages that contain caffeine are serious culprits when it comes to eye twitches. Try to avoid drinking too much coffee, tea or caffeinated beverages to alleviate the twitching.
  • When you have eye allergies, your eyes are itchy, swollen and watery. Rubbing them releases histamine into your eyelid tissues and natural tears, which has been known to cause eye twitching. Talk to your doctor to determine if antihistamine eye drops may be a good solution for you.

Does Your Eye Twitch?
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