Take Care of Your Eyes This Season

winter eye careWinter is upon us, and for many, this means itchy dry eyes. It’s important to keep your eyes healthy, as good vision is one of the keys to preserving your quality of life now and in the years to come. Here’s what you can do to be good to your eyes amidst the dry air and chilly weather.

Add Moisture
While it makes you feel nice and toasty, your indoor heating system can also dry out your eyes, as it decreases the humidity levels in the room. This can lead to eye redness, itchiness, and overall discomfort. To find relief, try running the humidifier in your home or office to moisten the air. And use eye drops or artificial tears to help you lubricate, clean and keep your eyes hydrated.

Drink More Fluids
In the wintertime, it’s important to consume enough liquids to keep you hydrated. Otherwise, your body tries to conserve as much water as possible and can lead to a decrease in the production of tears. Drink plenty of water or opt for green tea. Not only does tea keep your skin healthy, it can help with a number of vision problems like cataracts, age-related macular degeneration and some types of glaucoma.

Care for Cosmetics
Before getting glammed up for the Christmas bash of the year, take a good look at your cosmetics, particularly your mascara, eye shadow and eye liner. Over time, these products can build up bacteria that, when transferred to your eyes, can lead to eye infections. Keep your cosmetics in a cool dry place, don’t use dried out mascara, throw away old makeup, and never share your eye cosmetics with others.

Protect Against UV Rays
When the sun reflects office or snow, UV rays can harm your eyes. Be sure to wear protective eyewear when you’re out and about. Choose sunglasses with 99% to 100% UVA and UVB protection, and as an additional defense, wear sunglasses that wrap around your eyes to guard your peripheral vision.

Get an Eye Exam
A regular eye exam plays a huge role in keeping your eyes healthy. Schedule regular vision screenings to help your doctor detect and treat any vision problems you may have before they become worse. Your eyes will thank you.

To learn more about proper eye care during the winter months, or for questions regarding our services, contact our office or call 208.342.5151 in Meridian or 208.459.0717 in Caldwell. We look forward to hearing from you!


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