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I highly recommend Dr. Kent at The Eye Associates and the Tecnis Multi-focal lens option. I had cataracts and hadn’t realized how much light I was missing in my vision. After the procedure not only can I see so much better, I feel better and younger! I definitely recommend the upgraded option of the multi-focal lens. It is wonderful not to need glasses anymore…just sunglasses! Jack S
Thank you for another great experience. Everyone was fabulous! Harold W
Thank you so much for all you did to make my cataract surgery such a success. Phoebe
I love Dr. Kent I have been going to him 10+ years!  I am truly amazed about the technology today and I love how Dr. Kent is always up to date.  He removed my cataract and it opened a whole new world, I can’t stop staring at my grandkids.  Thank you for making me feel and see 20 years younger! Nita P.
Trees have individual leaves!
Colors are really bright.
I can read the newspaper without picking it up.
Street signs are legible again.
I've been wearing too much blush.
Oncoming head-lights at night no longer look like fireworks.
Thanks so much for greatly improved vision!" Kay C.
If you can say surgery is a good experience, mine with Dr Kent was a 10. I had a cataract on both eyes with results unbelievable. Before surgery it was like looking through a fog. Now looking out, things are more bright & vivid.

I also see color in a different shade. Instead of dull, the colors are brighter. As a final note, the very next day I thought my husband put new flourescent lights in the kitchen with just the one eye done. Of course he didn't, but it goes to show what a big difference the surgery did for me. I would recommend Dr. Kent highly and his staff Rachel J.
When I went in to The Eye Associates for an annual eye exam, I can not tell you how surprised I was to find out that I had cataracts in both eyes. I thought I just needed a new eyeglass prescription. They told me that they were the fast growing kind and that I should have surgery right away. I met with Dr. Kent and he scheduled the surgeries quite quickly. My eight eye was worse than my left eye, so he scheduled the surgery for my right eye first and then my left eye two weeks later.

Since my surgeries I have drastically reduced the amount of bleach I was using, I really DO have white towels. I am no longer contributing quite as much to the Windex and Brawney Corporations, and I have realized that Boise does not have an inversion/smog problem after all. I am very happy to report that I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes, without glasses, and that is something I have not been able to brag about in over 20 years.

I would really like to thank Dr. Kent, his staff at The Eye Associates, and at Eagle Eye Surgery Center for making what could have been a dire situation, one that I can now look back on and smile, while I resume the hobbies that I have had to forgo for several years, such as reading and cross stitch.
Thank you all!!
Mickie L.
Dear Dr. Kent,

My heart is overflowing with thanksgiving and gratefulness for all God has done for me this year. One of the most exciting blessing was the gift of good vision once again. It is such a blessing to be able to see so well and I rejoice in this daily as I realize how clearly I am seeing now.

I am thankful for the knowledge, skill, and excellence you demonstrated as my eye surgeon this year when you did my cataract surgeries. I am very pleased that I followed your recommendation to have my lens implants be optimized for my mid-range vision. This has proven to be a very good choice.

I am continuing to do well and often give thans to God for leading me to choose you for my eye doctor. I also appreciate so much the excellence of all your staff members. They were all so kind and helpful and competent, both at the office and at the surgery center.

I feel so blessed to have good vision restored.

May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year.


Harold "Bud" W. Harold “Bud” W.
I am so thankful to Dr. Gregory J. Kent for giving me back my clear vision, again!

For years and years I have struggled with my vision. I was not blessed with good eye sight. Over the years I have struggled with a variety of eye issues and have worked with Opthamoligist's in different states (moving was a part of obtaining promotion opportunities.)

When I first arrived in Boise, friends and colleagues highly recommended a particular office/doctor. I always felt the Eye MD and his staff were always more interested in collecting my money rather than discussing what was occurring with my eye sight. Finally an incident arose which led me to seek another doctor-my MD recommended Dr. Kent.

I have been a patient of Dr. Kent since 2013. Dr. Kent and his staff have provided excellent service since this date. I have referred friends and relatives because he is trust-worthy, personable, outstanding communication skills, and is an excellent Opthamologist.

During the past six months, Dr. Kent performed cataract surgery on both my right and left eyes. I was apprehensive that someone would be operating on my eyes, but Dr. Kent walked me through the process explaining in medical and layman terms what was occurring with my eye sight, the surgery process, timeframes for surgery and post-surgery and expected results. He knew I was apprehensive, regarding eye surgery, but explained it is human nature to be concerned, and to trust his medical education, training and experience. My left eye was operated in March 2016 and my right eye, May 2016. In both surgeries, I was able to drive myself to the doctor's office the next day. There was no pain during the operation and no post-operative pain. Within three days I was amazed how clearly my eye sight was and I am thoroughly enjoying my new eye sight. The clarity and sharpness of my new eye sight is fantastic.

If you are looking for an excellent eye doctor, outstanding staff, easy to find business location, I would highly recomment Dr. Kent.
Max G.
On June 17th, 2016 I received the KAMRA inlay. At first I was apprehensive, not with Dr. Kent whom I trust, but with the inlay itself. Although I had read much about it, it becomes a whole different scenario when you are the one who is going to have the surgery. What I have to say now is that I could not even have imagined the freedon it has given me. I never saw my reading glasses as being restrictive but in all reality they were.

I am an amateur photographer and in the past I would have to stop and get my reading glasses out just to see what my last photo looked like which would cause me to loose my opportunity for another shot. Now my photography is on the fly, I can glance, assess, and continue to shoot without hesitation. I would recommend this surgery to anyone who would ask. My post-operative recovery time has been short and I feel the surgery has been a total success. Antonio K.
Throughout my youth, and young adulthood, my sense of vision was very good. After many years that sense began to change. First, there was the need for reading glasses. Second, those reading glasses soon changed to a need for bifocal lenses, but still no need to wear them all of the time. After several years, however, there were to be more changes. Colors became dimmer, light became darker, even with bifocal lenses objects became less clear, and then the worst effect was the coming of the fog - making it almost impossible to see clearly. It was with extreme trepidation that I sought help with these issues. Fortunately, I was able to obtain an appointment with Dr. Gregory Kent of The Eye Associates.

Many times in my life my thought process as relates to my health status have lead me to believe events were the most severe and that each had a dire prognosis. When Dr. Kent told me that I had cataracts, and there was the ability to fix them, I was almost elated. What made the diagnosis most notable was in the manner in which Dr. Kent delivered the news, with calmness, compassion, clarity, and confidence.

It was not by chance that I had sought an appointment with Dr. Kent as I had previously worked directly with him almost two decades earlier, where I had the ability to see those same qualities demonstrated for scores of others experiencing the same conditions in their lives.

Still, while I had the opportunity to take part in the rendering of such care, it was quite different when I was the intended recipient of that care. Dr. Gregory Kent, and all of the staff members of The Eye Associates, have consistently demonstrated my needs were identified and effectively met, in most instances exceeding my high expectations. After all, they are my eyes and my vision.

While I may never know about the quality and outcomes relating to the use of other types of lens implants, I am very aware of those features as they relate to the use of the Tecnis Symfony® lenses. Now that I have both replacement lenses implanted, I do not need glasses to read, colors are brighter and more vivid, the tired eye feelings are gone, there is no more fog, and my life quality has improved. One might ask if the opportunity to correct vision issues is worth two periods of fifteen to twenty minutes of their time. As for me, the answer is definitely and emphatically yes. Stan Rennaux
I have worn contacts for years to correct my vision for mono vision. In my later years I developed cataracts on both eyes. Dr. Kent advised when they were removed we could do the same correction. I was a little apprehensive at first. We did my right eye first which is my distance eye and following surgery I had 20/20 vision for the first time in years. I maintained my left eye vision for close up with a contact because I was a little chicken to have surgery on it so I waited about two years before having the surgery. I recently had the surgery and I cannot tell you how happy I am with the outcome. For the first time since I was a kid I am contact free. I love it! I would recommend mono vision correction to anyone having cataract surgery. Dr. Kent was very patient with me and all my silly questions. He's the best!

Shirley Akagi
Caldwell, Idaho Shirley Akagi